Parish Meeting

Gayles Parish Meeting

Gayles Parish Meeting  – this document gives the basis for local governance in Gayles

Powers of a Parish Meeting – this document gives a precis of the powers of our meeting


The next 4 documents detail the professional standards expected across North Yorkshire

23.02.22 NYC Code of Conduct for Members

23.03.29 NYC Assessment Criteria

23.03.29 NYC Standards Committee Complaint Procedure

23.03.29 Complaint Form

Gayles Parish Meeting AGM

Wednesday 29 March, 7.00pm
Dalton and Gayles village hall
Everyone welcome

Minutes  to be agreed
Election of Chairperson/secretary
Quarry update
Holmedale corridor
King’s coronation
Any other business

The Parish Clerk is Ian Goulbourne (wef 29/03/2023) email:



Dalton & Gayles Village Hall Committee

Village hall 2021-03-06