East of Gayles

A moderate walk: 3k; 50 mins

Climb up Middle street to the track near the Hall (Note the recent realignment of the signed path to a little lower down the hill, through a field) Past Gayles Hall, along the old horse track, cross over the gill by humpback bridge. Follow the track across the fields and onto the main road and then up the hill, past Quarry House. Turn west through the disused Gayles Quarry (sandstone supplied to Middlesbrough town hall). Climb over a couple of styles and skirt Park wood to approach the Hall again. Descend Middle Street to the start.

Gateposts leading to Gayles Hall
The waymarkers tend to disappear, piece by piece
Bridge over the gill
Park wood in the mist
Entry to Gayles Quarry
A difficult high stile. It is possible to pick up your dog, place him on the platform and then when you have passed to the other side, lift him down again
An easy stile near the end of the walk. Your dog can squirm under the fence and you can climb over. One of the steps is wobbly