20mph speed limits in N Yorkshire

A consultation exercise is underway to gauge opinion about the advisability of reducing speed limits to 20mph in towns and villages. It seems that implemenation will depend on local opinion and on safety concerns. The cost of a blanket limit across the county is considered to be unaffordable .

If you feel strongly about this, then please get in touch with our Parish Chair or directly with NYC. The link to the document is below

Speed Limit note to PC’s & TC’s


A66 – update – the ministerial final sign off is due in November 2023

The A66 is always in our thoughts. Getting on to this road safely when travelling to the east is often worrying and sometimes dangerous. HGV drivers who speed and break the 50mph limit (their motto is never slow down) are the major risk.
Flashing their lights and running up to just behind your bumper is a favourite tactic of intimidation.

Progress continues (oh so slowly). I might say it is glacial, but glaciers are disappearing quickly. Here are the latest updates:
A66 NTP – Section 56 Notice A66 for Consultation bodies and PILs_ FINAL DRAFT

A66 NTP – Section 56 Notice Covering Letter – Consultation Bodies (EIA Scheme Only) EMAIL


The latest information and details of consultation meetings are in the pdf attached below. Do take time to visit the meetings at our village hall on 27 & 28 September
A66 Consultation Notice 21-9-21

Plans for improvements can be found here A66 dualing. 1

Option N to the North of present A66

The full details are here of the proposed dualling of A66


Invitation to attend Community Liaison Group for the A66 Northern Trans-Pennine project

Dear Clerk/Councillor

I am contacting you as the Public Liaison Officer for the A66 Northern Trans-Pennine project for the Stephen Bank to Carkin Moor sections (these locations are identified in the brochure on our website

You will have hopefully received an email from me before Christmas about establishing a Community Liaison Group (CLG) for the project.  As we work towards developing the design for statutory consultation this Spring, it is important that we speak to communities along the route that may be impacted by the project.

I am hoping to arrange the first CLG meeting for the week commencing 25 January 2021 and would therefore be grateful if you could confirm if someone from the Parish Council would like to participate in the CLG by Thursday 21 January 2021.

It is preferred that the members of the group appoint a neutral Chair, perhaps a local head teacher or another key member of the local community, who will promote the meetings to interested local people and co-ordinate all items for discussion. We anticipate that the agenda will include:

• A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project update (regional area)
• Nomination of CLG Chair
• Agreement of CLG Terms of Reference
• Next meeting date agreement

Given the current lockdown situation, all meetings will have to be virtual for the time-being but I’ll make sure that participants can dial into the meeting on the telephone if they do not have a laptop or tablet.  I envisage that the meeting will take place early evening, at a time to suit the majority of attendees.  The regularity of the meetings will be something we can discuss when we first meet and similarly, who attends from the project team will be something we can discuss. For example, if there are specific concerns about a particular issue, I will ask that a specialist on that issue from the team attends the next CLG.

I’d also really appreciate if you could consider if you know of any other community representatives who you would recommend that I contact to sit on the CLG.

Please respond via email with all participant names and email addresses and we will be in touch to organise the virtual meeting.

Many thanks for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you,

Beverley Rose
Public Liaison Officer

A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project Team
Highways England | Major Projects


The Ravensworth website has reports from the CLG on their website 

  1. The obvious question (elephant in the room) is why has this not been sorted out already?