Illegal activities – what to do

Unfortunately, banned ‘sports’ are still being pursued in our county and across the UK.

These include:

Hare coursing

Illegal use of firearms, shotguns and air rifles to shoot birds and wild mammals

Illegal use of trail bikes and quad bikes on footpaths and bridle paths

Shooting of raptors over grouse moors


If you see anyone you suspect of hare coursing with dogs, then the advice from the police is to note the car registration number and phone 999. Do not approach or confront these people

From the Flyer November 2021:

Clearly any such incidents, with individuals carrying uncovered firearms around in the dark, in a public place, have the potential to go seriously wrong. The advice from the Police and from Ed Milbank is: 

Don’t engage with the individuals concerned. 

Make a note of the registration of any vehicle parked nearby. 

Contact the Police and Will Morris, the Head Gamekeeper (mob. 07773 849385).


Full details of this letter are in the November 2021  issue of the Flyer – available to download from this site