We need to renew and improve our environment. That involves work. Just letting things slide and expecting that the next 90 years will continue as before is mistaken.
Hedging is a great way to secure the livestock, reduce our carbon footprint and to bring back wild birds to the fields.
The following photos show the present situation down Long Lane. Hedging on its last legs, large gaps (and long lengths of no hedging). All plants have a finite life and must be renewed from time to time. As stewards of this landscape, we should plan for the future — start replanting now.
Whitebeam, hawthorn, holly & hornbeam replanting is on its way. This all takes time and money.
Come back in 10 years to see the improvement (and enjoy the shelter from the wind)

The tree is gone but hidden signs now appear
Hedging to be augmented
Not really a hedge at all
No hedge on the west side of the lane. An opportunity to plant a fine hedge