Only on a Sunday – skirting the ranges

This is a walk for the views over Holmedale from the south

Start at the phone box as usual.

Take a short walk to the west and head up West street. Follow the road up the hill onto Stone Man Lane.
Check to see that the red flag is not flying (danger signal)

Turn left (east) along a non metalled track and follow the contour lines at 300m with the boundary wall to Park Wood on your left.
Follow the track across many cattle grids (the gates at the side are usually tied up, so you will have to carry your dog across the grids. The track will now head south and you will tramp up the hillside, crossing many contour lines. At the top, the path veers east and then heads north down the contour lines to meet up with a partly metalled road just outside the range markers.
It is often very windy at the top, with the prevailing winds from the west

prevailing westerlies

Climb over the fence as the gate is tied up. Turn west and then down Flats Bank until you see the footpath sign to the west and the quarry. Follow the quarry path back to Middle Street and the phone box

Great views and lots of sheep. Keep your dog on its lead at all times