To the Pub ( updated 2021-11-21 )

A longer, but easy walk across fields. 6.2k; 1h 30 min

To the Pub

Start, as usual at the telephone box. Walk down Long Lane, past Low Fields Barns Then take the diagonal track across the field to the East.
The next stage was a ‘clarty’ (muddy) trudge along the edge of a field to a style. The farmer has cut the vegetation along the top of the dyke (bank) to the north. This elevated short section provides a great view over the dale. Watch out for the large stones in the path.

Travelling west along the dyke with Dalton Beck to the north

Then walk along beside Dalton Beck (it later is named Holme beck). Across the stile and watch out for cattle around the airstrip. Through Mill Farm (with your dog on a lead) and into Ravensworth. Sojourn at The Bay Horse pub for a pint or two Then climb up Flats Bank and turn West along Slip Inn Bank Turn up East Street to avoid traffic and walk along the track to Gayles Hall, and down Middle Street back to the phone box