Cutting the corner

A long, but easy walk across fields. 5k; 1h 6min

Cutting the corner

A gentle walk with a couple of styles at the end. It is basically the same as To the Pub but with a walk across fields halfway up Flats Bank and no diversion up the old drove road to Gayles Hall. It does provide the same opportunity to cool down a hot dog on a warm day in Dalton Beck.

old stone gatepost

This old stone gatepost marks the way – an easy walk once you are over the style that links to Flats Bank (not so easy with a Labrador)

no Smoot hole here

This is an even more difficult style to take your dog over – brute strength needed

a tight squeeze

You won’t get an enormous dog through here, but labs and German shepherds are ok. This is a turn to the left off the farm track. Head for the gap in the hedge to the SW

Town farm in the distance

Head diagonally across the next field to another tight squeeze and a Footpath Sign. Then a few metres back to the old phone box