Reports of illegal shooting

These have surfaced in the Flyer. What to do in this situation is given on the section on illegal activities on this website. The police are extremely keen to stamp out the ‘sport’ of hare coursing with dogs. Phone 999 for a fast response – do not put yourselves at risk by confrontation.

Telephone box

Reglazing finished on 19/04/2021 . Once the silicone sealant is cured, then the red paint will be retouched and a blue colour added to the crown to represent the velvet plush.

The door will be left as is. To replace the Perspex in the door would require complete replacement of the door.  A cost perhaps too far.

The Common

Pictures of how the regeneration project was started. Also snapshots of the common before the work started.

Invitation to attend Community Liaison Group for the A66 Northern Trans-Pennine project

Please see the email – filed under the Transport/Roads tab


Proposed holiday lodge development opposite Ravensworth nursery

Noted in Richmondshire Today  – the following proposed development Holiday Lodges

This will not be run by the nursery, but if planning permission is granted then the development will be sold to another company. Please read the documents on the council website  and note that this proposed development will be visible from Gayles and will impact on our village.

Gayles history

Documents uploaded to website:

A Guided Walk Around Ravensworth, Whashton & Kirkby Hill

The Ancient Parish of Kirkby Ravensworth 1


Both are worth a read 2


The other documents – in History, History/maps, Conservation area & Gayles common were dropped off by Mags Cran for inclusion in the website. They have been scanned in – you are welcome to use them as you wish


Further work on A66


Broadband fibre

News on the progress has been moved to Broadband

Parish Notices

Information from the N Yorkshire council via the Parish Meeting will be reflected in the Parish Notices page (to be found as a subsection to this,  the News page

A66 Dualling

The favoured route has been chosen. Roads

Ravensworth village — Welcome

Just down the hill is Ravensworth. Take a look at their (just started) website. Lots of useful info especially about walks further afield. We will perhaps forgive them for calling Gayles a hamlet


Lockdown blues

Here are some things that will help.

Shoulder of Mutton takeaway


Richmond index of shops open for business


Original Richmond 1
Original Richmond 2

The link to the pdf file for Original Richmond to download is ORIGINAL RICHMOND

We do appreciate your support in sending these out to the villages


B&Q has opening most of its stores – Darlington is open again. Time to get some diy done at home & in the garden

Buy local. Here is a link for local services that can help. You can show your support by buying local


Over the next weeks and months, we will all need to work together and we will all need the help and assistance of our neighbours. A list of email contacts has been drawn up on the Covid-19 page under Health. Initial contact for help may be made to any on the list. If we can help directly, we will, or we will point out the correct direction for assistance. If you wish to volunteer to help, please use the contact details on the web site.

Stay safe

Gayles AED @Phonebox

Click on this link to find out more

Breaking news: a running total of £465 has been raised from our village as at 03/04/2020

The defibrillator was installed on 12 March and became ‘live’ (ie registered with the ambulance trust) on 02/04/2020


Please remember the correct action plan in case of emergency

  1. Make sure that you are safe eg switch off electricity in case of electrocution
  2. Check for breathing (after opening the airway) and check for a neck (carotid) pulse
  3. Start CPR if no pulse
  4. Call for help. Dial 999
  5. Send a person who is with you to the phone box to retrieve the AED
  6. Apply the AED pad, and follow the spoken instructions from the AED
  7. Continue CPR as instructed
  8. Use a person present to direct the paramedics to the victim on their arrival. You may need a couple of people to direct them to the correct location

Parish Meeting AGM

Took place on Wed 4th March at 19:00 in the Gayles/Dalton Village Hall. Minutes of the meeting are here: Gayles Parish Minutes


Rain, rain stay away

One side effect of all this rain has been the transformation of dry galleys and the creation of waterfalls

Ravensworth castle with marsh and lake

How not to do it

Can you spot the bridle path?
Farmers can plough across paths but they must be reinstated within 14 days if crops are planted. This is deep ploughing — try stumbling across the clarts (Geordie for thick mud) in this field. Bridle paths should be 2 metres wide, and footpaths 1 metre.
Here is the link from Farmers Weekly

N Yorkshire council is investigating

Lazy louts

It appears that it is too much trouble to take your litter home with you, even when you can carry it in your car. Enjoy your tasty beverage and then just defenestrate the rubbish from your car onto the side roads of our county.
You should be ashamed.

You need an energy boost to chuck this out of your car window
an ex tasty beverage

*This item sponsored by Costa (not)

Fibre Broadband

Houses to be linked to fibre broadband in the next tranche

Some of us will have spotted the OpenReach guys digging a trench on the Wharton Road. We were scheduled to be linked up by beg 2020, but this was put back—
Conversations with a BT manager have revealed that Gayles should have fibre to the premises by March 2020. Government directive has accelerated this plan.
Is this a rumour? Will we be relying on “Quickline” (an oxymoron)for years to come?
Watch this space!

Jon Smith will have a book out for Christmas

An A-Z miscellany of Barningham and its neighbours

Round the world

Yorkshire air ambulance

It seems that Gayles has its own HLS (08/01/2019). We will have to rethink plans to plant oak trees in the middle of the paddock

Click here to donate to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Centenary of the end of WW1

  1. At first, I scanned in this document direct to PDF (with text recognition). As expected, this resulted in a large file (26.8MB). As a result, the file had to be located in my Dropbox folder, with a weblink from the Gayles.Info website to this file.
    The original document has been produced using a typewriter. This has resulted in:
    A monospaced font
    Missing letters and spelling mistakes
    Use of underlining rather than italics for book titles and foreign words
    Ordinary quote marks rather than smart quotes — and hyphens rather than en dashes
    The use of full stops in abbreviations is ‘old style’ — I have decided to keep this typewriter style as used by the author

    Editorial decisions – Norman uses metric and imperial measurements in that order. I have removed the imperial measurements to simplify the document – most people will be able to convert if necessary. He also uses Henry 2nd rather than the usual Henry II. These occurrences have been corrected.

    The transfer to a word-processing program gives a proportional spaced font, full spell checking and different fonts and font sizes.
    Automatic content production with live links to the content page in the PDF

    I have also been able to clean up the document with removal of artefacts produced by multiple photocopies.

    The PDF file is now much more accessible – 5.6MB in size and is more pleasant to read, the content is searchable and the table of contents works

    Thanks to Norman Butcher for writing this history in 1985

  2. Thanks to Mal & Pat Burgess of Ravensworth for supplying these documents