Oil Co-op

Gayles, Dalton & Kirby Hill/Whashton operate individual Oil Co-ops and combine for ordering to get the best price. Each is run by volunteers.

To read a bit of history check the D&G Village Hall website
tl:dr … started in 2012 by 3 Gayles residents, the scheme proved such a success that Dalton & Kirby Hill/Whashton joined in.
41 out of 53 homes with oil fired central heating in Gayles are now members of the Co-op.

Join the Co-op to save money and hassle (£112 saving for a 1500 litre drop in December 2020)

1. Reduction in price paid per litre
2. No individual haggling
3. Reduced tanker traffic through the village
4. Individual bills via email
5. Your contract is with the oil supplier

1. Minimum order of 500 litres
2. Fixed times for ordering in the year – dates are below

Complete the form here (or download, print and complete) and send to the oil co-op
The oil co-op will contact you by email before the next delivery date
You tell them how much oil you want (see minimum order above)
You will receive a confirmation email and a date for delivery of the oil

Please note that the order intervals have now changed (23/02/2020)

There will only be a 2 month interval between orders in winter, but a 4 month interval in summer.

Season Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Year 2022 2022 2022 2023
Orders start 29 April 26 August 25 November 27 January
Duration (mths) 4 3 2 3

Dates for 2022-2023

Send out email: 29th April 2022
Close of oil orders: 6th May 2022

Oil ordering on: 9th May 2022

Send out email: 26th August 2022
Close of oil orders: 2nd September 2022
Oil ordering on: 5th September 2022

Send out email: 25th November 2022
Close of oil orders: 2nd December 2022
Oil ordering on: 5th December 2022

Send out email: 27th January 2023
Close of oil orders: 3rd2February 2023
Oil ordering on: 6th February 2023

Download the following forms to join the oil co-op or to order oil

Gayles Oil Coop membership form

Order form Gayles Oil Co-op

You will need to either print out these forms or use a suitable PDF program on your computer (Adobe Acrobat or PDF Expert). To save time, fill in the order form and save the file. For the next oil order, just change the amount needed and email the updated order form.

Contact David Chefneux or Ian Goulbourne at gaylesoilcoop@gmail.com